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Our Story

Our team is based in Italy—one of the countries to be hit hard by the pandemic.

We often noticed people wearing masks and habitually touching their face out in public. After looking into this further, we found that the average person subconsciously touches their face 23 times an hour and that this is an innate habit very difficult to break. Therefore, it only seemed logical for us to find a face shield that would block the hand from touching the face. We noticed that some people had already been using them, but none of them seemed to look comfortable or well-designed. This is why we were thrilled when we found this model and we decided to start making available to our Country.

We have a special line and the item will arrive to you, worldwide in 7-10 days.

It's perfect for teachers, students, people working in store with public. 

Our sincere hope is that Protechtize will help you become wary of your face-touching habit. With your help, we can make Protechtize a reality.